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Interdisciplinary Studies: A Degree for the Future 


Do you want to learn proven ways to equip students to join a global workforce, gain abilities to speak across multiple disciplines, effectively communicate new ideas, and manage today’s changing work environments?  If so, then check out the AD&D pre-recorded webinar about interdisciplinary studies degree programs.  Three distinct programs are highlighted that will lend ideas to help students further develop their future potential.   

Program Presenters:

Amelia V. Noël-Elkins
University College
Illinois State University

Casey Self
Executive Director, Academic Services
Arizona State University
College of Integrative Sciences and Arts 

Dwayne Melton
Associate Dean
College of Applied Studies and Academic Success
Liberty University

Webinar Facilitator:

Brian Yates
Liberty University
ADD President, 2017 - 2018

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The registration rates are as follows: 

AD&D Member - $199
Non-Member $249