37th AD&D Annual Meeting Call for Presenters

We invite you to serve as a session facilitator at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Deans and Directors of University Colleges and Undergraduate Studies Programs.

This year, AD&D has chosen to offer multiple sessions within two tracks that require more structured facilitation.

1. Best Practices in Student Success: A key component of our institutional role is to produce iterative or transformational change in our units. That said, more often than not, we should not "reinvent the wheel." We can build upon already successful initiatives at our institution or other institutions and better align them with the needs of those we serve. At this session, the facilitator will share a best practice in student success, including information on the issue, the planned response, how they executed the response, and what metrics they relied upon to test its efficacy. Additionally, facilitators will draw upon the expertise and experience of their session's participants. Possible takeaways from the session could include: a) how to learn about best practices at your or other institutions, b) how to develop a scalable response to a student success issue, and c) how to execute and evaluate a planned response.

2. Metrics that Matter: The telling of your unit's story well using quantitative and qualitative data, and from the perspective of various metrics, is more critical than ever in a higher educational environment of disruption, limited resources, and, for some, a pending demographic cliff. While some may view "return on investment" as an overly bureaucratic, efficiency-minded term, ultimately, we have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that we use our resources to produce the best results for the most significant number of students. At this session, the facilitator will share what metrics matter at their institution and how they tell their story. Additionally, facilitators will draw upon the experience and expertise of participants in their sessions. Possible takeaways from the session could include: a) what key metrics to use, b) how to weave metrics and data into a powerful narrative, c) how to change the narrative for different audiences, and d) how to set realistic expectations and pivot quickly when necessary.

If you are interested in serving as the facilitator of one of these tracks, please send a 250-word presentation proposal to our office at [email protected]. In your submission, identify the track for which you wish to facilitate, what you will discuss, and how you will encourage session participants to engage.

If you are not interested in serving as one of the session facilitators for one of our two more structured tracks, please consider serving as a facilitator for one of the pathways for our third track. The facilitator of one of the pathways will develop a series of prompts to guide a robust discussion that includes all participants. Participants should expect to participate fully. Please contact us at [email protected] if you wish to serve as a facilitator of one of the Roundtable discussions.

3.    Roundtable Discussion

i)     Student Success

ii)   Undergraduate Studies

iii)  University College

iv)  Leadership and Advocacy

Deadline for submissions is Friday, December 1, 2023. Please email your proposal to [email protected].



Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the AD&D Office at (844) 705-3293 or email us at [email protected].